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November 16, 2008

Back From the Woodworking in America Conference

I made it back home from Berea, KY this afternoon safe and sound with my head spinning from all the great classes that I got to attend. If I had to come up with one word for my experience over the past three days it would be, INCREDIBLE!

Here's a list of the classes that I attended:

  • Chair Design: Brian Boggs
  • Dovetailing: Pins vs. Tails: Frank Klausz, Roy Underhill
  • Understanding Sharpening Media: Ron Hock, Joel Moskowitz, Robin Lee
  • Understanding Western Saws: Mike Wenzloff, Joel Moskowitz, Christopher Schwarz
  • Bevel-Up vs. Bevel-Down Planes: Robin Lee, Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Christopher Schwarz
  • Forgotten Workbenches and Workholding: Christopher Schwarz
  • Mortise and Tenon: Three Solid Methods: Frank Klausz, Mike Dunbar, Roy Underhill
  • Scrapers: History, Preparation and Use: Christopher Schwarz
  • Bench Planes: Deneb Puchalski, Ron Hock
  • Saw Sharpening: Mike Wenzloff
Can you see why my head is spinning?!?

And guess what, I captured it all on video! I'll be editing and putting up the video over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

While I was there somebody ask me what the best part of my time had been. I can honestly say that as much as I enjoyed the classes the absolute best part of my three days in Berea was getting to meet so many enthusiastic woodworkers. The place was absolutely buzzing with excitement the whole time.

I appreciate all the folks who came up and told me they enjoyed my website and the interviews that I've been doing with the instructors over the past few months. Thanks for taking the time to do that, it meant a lot!

Another really cool thing that I got to do was to hang out and talk with many of the other bloggers out there on the Net. Folks like Matt Vanderlist, Mitch Roberson, Al Navas, Neil Lamens and Kari Hultman. I encourage you to visit each of these sites for more information about the conference and to get their unique perspective.

Comments (4)

George Sarver:

I was there too. The only class we were in together was the Chair Design. Could it get any hotter!! Roy Underhill is hysterical and an excellent story teller. Looking forward to your videos.

George from northern Indiana

John Sheehan:

I have a flyer for a thewoodworkingshows.com show in Nashville, December 12-14. Any thoughts on this one?

Woodworkers Resource:


The Woodworking Shows are great events. I went to the one in Atlanta last year, you can see several videos that I did while I was there on my video blog. Here's the main video I did:


These are smaller shows compared to IWF but their more geared towards the hobbyist. If you're close definitely check it out.


Craig Stevens


I was there as well and sat in many of the same sessions. It was well worth the 11 hour drive. Brian Boggs really amazed me with his skill and knowledge of wood, and Frank Klausz was as humorous as he skillful in cutting dovetails. Hope to attend next year.

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