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November 24, 2008

Brian Boggs on Chair Design

Brian Boggs has been building hand-crafted chairs for more than 25 years that are as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable to sit on.

I had the opportunity to attend Brian's class on chair design at this year's Woodworking in America Conference in Berea, KY.

Brian Boggs is a rare breed of woodworker. He not only is a world renowned chair maker, but he also is a great teacher and communicator. Those two qualities often times don't go together, but Brian Boggs seemed as comfortable teaching 140 woodworkers in an auditorium as he would one on one.

In the video Brian talks about:

Brian talks about:

Brian talks about:

    * How he got started building chairs

    * How he designs chairs

    * Different joints in chair making

    * Grain orientation

    * Gluing up chairs

    * Designing to fit the human body

    * Proper angles

    * and much more

You can check out our video here.

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