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October 08, 2008

How do you use your Vise-Grip?

VG-Logo-Final.jpgIf you made a check list of the necessary tools that someone should have on hand for general maintenance, Vise-Grip locking pliers, would be on most people's list. I know that when I was growing up, I HAD to take everything apart to figure out how it worked (not much has changed). One of the tools that I loved using was my Dad's Vise-Grips.

I still have vivid memories of sitting in my parent's driveway, with my bicycle completely disassembled, parts lying all around me, scratching my head trying to figure out how to put the thing back together.

Now, my Dad had a large cabinet that was full of tools, everything you could imagine (which was Heaven for a child like me). But even with all those tools at my disposal, most of the time I found you could get away with a few basic tools to do most jobs. A Philips and flat head screwdriver, three or four wrenches, and Vise-Grip locking pliers.

This stroll down memory lane has a point. The folks at Irwin Industrial Tools, makers of Vise-Grip locking tools, want your stories.

Irwin Industrial Tool's "Tell Us Your IRWIN VISE-GRIP Story" is a promotion whereby consumers are asked to share the different and unique ways they have used VISE-GRIP locking pliers or wrenches to solve various problems either in the workplace or at home.

The grand prize is an IRWIN VISE-GRIP custom-branded chopper valued at $25,000 built by East Coast Custom Cycles.

For more information and to enter the contest, go to:


Comments (4)


I went to the irwin url site listed above and could not find anywhere to sign up for the drawing of the motorcycle. Is it over?

I was working on the steering wheel of my 64 Spitfire and realized that the knurling was shot and the wheel only spun around on the shaft. I needed to get a new wheel but had no transportation to get to the parts store. I had an idea. I grabbed my vise-grip and you guessed it, clamped on to the shaft and drove down to the parts store.
With a file, lots of cussing and and twenty minutes later the new wheel was on and I was off! I always kept the vise-grip in the glove box though, just in case...

Woodworkers Resource:


The direct link that takes you to the page to tell Irwin your Vise Grip story is here:


You have until October 31st to enter. Good Luck!


Woodworkers Resource:


Great story! I hope you submitted it to Irwin, it could mean a chopper under your Christmas tree this year!

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