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October 15, 2008

Interview with Clarence Blanchard

Clarence Blanchard

Blanchard.jpgClarence is president of Antique & Collectible Tools Inc., the corporation that owns the Fine Tool Journal and Brown Auction Services. Clarence began collecting tools early on in his life which first started because of his interest in woodworking. He quickly learned that he enjoyed collecting tools more than working with them. Clarence worked as a Chemical Engineer for years while his interest in tools steadily grew.

His interest culminated with the purchase of The Fine Tool Journal in 1995. After growing the journal for two years, Clarence then purchased Brown Auction Services in 1997 which is the number one antique tool auction company in the world!

Here's some of the things you'll learn in the interview:

  • What exactly is the Fine Tool Journal?
  • Where do the tools come from that the Fine Tool Journal and Brown Auction Services sales?
  • What are some of the differences between antique tools and some of the hand tools being produced today by high-end manufactures?
  • What goes on at the two large auctions that Brown Auction Services put on each year and what you can expect to find?
  • How much the world record Sandusky center wheel plow plane went for? (This will blow your mind!)
  • How you can find antique tools you're looking for using Clarence's companies.

And of coarse we'll talk about what Clarence will be talking about at the Woodworking in America Conference:

  • Hands-On Clinic: Rehabbing Old Tools
  • Vintage Tools: Their Advantages, Disadvantages and Value

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Comments (1)

Rik Minnich:

Loved your interview with Clarence. I think I bought from Brown Auction online a while back. Keep up the good work.

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