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Bat Houses Anyone?

I had the privilege to conduct a workshop for kids at a local bookstore recently and thought I'd post about it. 

We built a project that some might think a little odd.  We built bat houses so we could attract more bats to our yards!  A lot of people might think just the opposite, "Get rid of these blood sucking creatures before they give us all rabies!"  However, the opposite is true.  Here in the USA we have no vampire bats and yes, just like with most mammals, bats can carry rabies, but it's actually rare.  Bats are very beneficial to us.  Number one, most bats here in the USA eat insects, LOTS of insects.  Some can eat up to 2000 insects in one night!  If you have trouble with mosquitoes or other small insects around your house, bats can put a serious dent in the numbers of these pests. 

The best way to attract bats to your yard is with a bat house.  You can find many free plans for building your own bat houses.  Here are some helpful links that I used when I did our workshop:

Bat Facts and Myths

Common Questions and Answers About Bat Houses 

Bat House Plans

Here are a few pictures from our workshop.

Special thanks to Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore for sponsoring our workshop!