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Welcome to the Woodworkers Resource


Here's where you'll find all kinds of free projects, plans, videos, and information to help you get started woodworking with your kids. 

Before you get started looking through all the great things we have to offer, take a minute to take advantage of something else we offer for free, our e-newsletter.  Our e-newsletter is full of information and ideas to help you and your kids get the most out of learning woodworking and this is the method we use to let you know when we post new videos for you and your kids to watch.

Free Information:

    A List of Basic Hand Tools for Kids to Get Started Woodworking

    How to Identify Coniferous and Deciduous Trees by Looking at Leaves

    Nail Size Chart (what's a penny got to do with it?) 

    Cutting a Straight Line With A Hand Saw

    What to Look for In a Good Brace Drill (Hand Drill)

    Drilling Straight Holes Using a Brace Drill 

    Study Looks at Academic Value of Hands-On Crafts 

Free Projects:

    A Swiss Cheese "Sign"  

    Let's Pound Some Nails

    Charting Your Growth 

    Activity Using a Tape Measure

    Scavenger Hunt Activity

Free Plans:

    Book Stand for Kids 

    Snowman Door Hanger 

    Wooden Trivet     

    String Art 

Free Videos

    Build a Folding Chair

    Look Into the Shop of a Woodworker (part I) 

    Look Into the Shop of a Woodworker (part II) 

If you would like a more in-depth curriculum that teaches woodworking to your kids look at our book...


Woodshop 101 for Kids


A step by step approach to teaching kids the age old craft of woodworking with simple hand tools.       Why teach woodworking to your kids?


  • You’re building your child’s self-esteem by creating something with their own hands
  • You’re building your child’s self-confidence and self-sufficiency
  • You’re building a sense of accomplishment into your child by completing tasks and overcoming obstacles
  • You’re building up your child’s creativity level and problem solving skills
  • And, most important, you’re building up a stronger relationship between you and your children!

To read what others are saying about Woodshop 101 for  Kids and to learn more click here or on the book cover.