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Freud's Ouadra-Cut Router Bits

Freud's Quadra-Cut router bits are a great improvement on a old design.  Working with end grain has always been a thorn in the side for woodworkers.  It tears out easier, burns easier, and is just difficult to get a smooth cut on.  Well, Freud has doubled your chances of getting a smooth surface. 

The industry standard for router bits has been two cutting edges for most bits.  Freud's Quadra-Cut router bits incorporate four cutters to produce a clean surface in routed edges in both hard and soft woods.  Freud will offer these bits in 1/2" shanks and only on certain profiles.

The difference in the smoothness of cut for the Quadra-Cut router bits is not just because they have double the cutting profiles.  Two of the carbide cutters have an upshear action which removes most of the material, while the other two blades have a downshear action.  Combining these two features produces an exceptional finish.

You may be wondering about price. Freud says that their new Quadra-Cut router bits should be around 10% more than their two cutting edged brothers.  Depending on what profiles they come out with I think these are definitively some things that will find their way into my shop.

-Craig Stevens