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Steel City Tool Works New Products

Steel City Tool Works is trying to ROCK your world!  Steel City Tools is coming out with a line of stationary power tools that's incorporating granite into the surfaces of some it's tools.  No, that's not a typo, they're using granite to replace the work surfaces of some of their most popular stationary power tools.  Steel City's new Hybrid 10" table saw will come with the option of a 150lb granite top.  This is no puny piece of granite either coming in at almost 2".  The extra mass will help dampen vibration thereby making cleaner cuts.  Steel City is also putting a European style riving knife and blade guard on their new hybrid saw along with a new fence system.  The cool thing is that the granite top adds just $50.00 to the price of the saw!  The new hybrid saw will come with a 30" fence and a 1 3/4 hp motor.  The saw can be purchased with a cast-iron top for $999 or with the granite top for $1049 and should be available in November or December of this year. 

Steel City is also adding granite tops to a new 14" band saw and to their 6" and 8" jointers.  The granite for the jointers won't be on the bed; rather, they put the granite on the fence.  I can see the advantage of granite on the fence to make it dead flat, but it would seem you would also want the same for the bed of the jointer as well.  I suspect price had something to do with not adding it to the jointer bed. 

Now, here's my opinion on incorporating granite into stationary power tools.  Just keep in mind that my opinion is worth what you're paying for it.  The advantages that granite can offer are impressive.  The weight advantage alone is huge, especially for a smaller size hybrid saw.  Vibration is enemy number one when you're cutting wood and the extra weight should help.  Granite has the advantage of also being very stable, unlike cast-iron.  Once milled flat granite will stay flat and not to mention stay rust free.  Those are the obvious pluses for using granite.  Now for a reality check before you go out and get on the waiting list for one of these products.  Do any of you have granite on your kitchen counter tops?  Have you been one of the unfortunate ones to drop a can on the counter top edge to see a tiny piece chip off?  I just busted your bubble on wanting one of these saws did I?  Don't be too sure...  I only gave the granite counter top illustration to show what could happen.  Keep in mind though that most kitchen counter tops are made with 3/4" material while the top on the new Steel City table saw is almost 2".  My biggest concern would be chipping a piece off the miter gauge slot or off the edge. 

I'm in the market for a cabinet style table saw for my shop.  While Steel City isn't offering the granite top for their cabinet style saws, I suspect they will if the hybrid saw takes off.  If they do, this saw will probably make my short list.  As with all new products, I like to wait to see how they work in the real world for a while before I hand out my hard earned cash.  So, the verdict is still out on Steel City's new line up but I like what I see so far.  Just one more thing, doesn't it seem ironic that a company with the name Steel City comes out with a line of tools incorporating granite? 

-Craig Stevens