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The Golden Rectangle

The concept of idealized proportions  can be traced back to ancient Greek and Egyptian architecture.  It's based on a simple ratio.  Studies of ancient Greek works have shown that they always made their rectangles exactly 1.618 times longer than their width.
Everyday objects around your home follow this same principle:  Dollar bills, credit cards, etc.  Why?  Because it's pleasing to the eye.  Draw out by hand a rectangle that looks "good" to you.  Take the measurements and see how closely it relates to the 1.618 ratio. 
The golden rectangle, when expressed as a numerical ratio, works out to be about 5 to 8.  It just so happens that your navel (better know as your belly button) sits at 5/8 of your height. 
So, when designing your next piece of furniture, keep the golden rectangle in mind for a more pleasing look.