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Tip: Extension Cords Up and Out of the Way

Extension Cords Up and Out of the Way
This month’s tip also comes from our featured woodworker, Dr. Clay Crowder. Woodworking shops never have enough outlets to plug stuff in. And even if you do have enough outlets, the cords on the tools aren't long enough to reach where you need them. So you have to use extension cords. The problem with extension cords are that they get in the way on the floor or get hung up on something. Dr. Crowder came up with a simple but affective way to overcome these problems with extension cords. His solution (see picture) was to string a piece of wire across the ceiling and attach hooks (shower curtain rings work well) to the wire and thread the extension cord through the rings. This way the extension cord stays out the of way. You can slide it back and forth along the wire to reach wherever you need it.