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Tip: What to do With Scrap Wood

The longer you work with wood the more scrap wood can become a problem if you don't find away to organize it. Some pieces of wood are just to good to throw away but too small to be used for most projects. The first thing you need to do is to have a cut off point. No piece of wood smaller than (you fill in the blank) makes it into the scrap bin. This size will depend a lot on the projects that you normally build. If you build mostly large pieces you probably won't have a use for many small pieces of scrap.

There are numerous ways to organize scrap but one of the best systems keeps same size pieces stored together. This way when you need a piece a certain size, you can just go to that section to look for your piece. You also need to be able to scrounge around to find just the right piece and some type of shelving unit works great for this.

Long skinny pieces that won't fit onto a shelf are best stored standing upright. A large bucket works great for this.

Last, but not least, a good rule to follow is after a year if you've not used a piece of scrap wood, burn it in the fireplace, especially if you start running out of room. (This is not an easy thing to do for those of us that love wood!)