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Woodworking for Kids


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Watch the video below for a quick overview of our book and see some of the projects your kids can build with Woodshop 101 for Kids.

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"Think of how proud your kids will be when they show you their newly created woodworking masterpieces!"

Plus:  Even If You Have No Clue Where to Start When It Comes To Woodworking With Your Kids...This Book Will Have Your Kids Cranking Out Projects ...
In No Time Flat!"

Dear Parent,

We all want our kids to be confident and have tons of self-esteem. The absolute best way to instill these traits in your kids is by letting them create projects with their own two hands. There's something magical about building things from wood that makes a kid's eyes light up with excitement. You'll notice it the first time your kids finish a project. Their sense of accomplishment will swell and immediately they'll want to show all their friends and family their new masterpiece.


Build Into Your Kids A Healthy Self Image Through Woodworking!


  • Build your child's self-esteem by letting them create tangible things with their own hands.
  • Build your child's self-confidence and self-sufficiency by letting them do the work with as little help as possible.
  • Build a sense of accomplishment in your child by pushing them to complete tasks and overcome obstacles.
  • Build your child's creativity level and problem solving skills by letting them figure things out on their own.
  • Most importantly, build a stronger relationship between you and your children by spending time with them!

    Our book, "Woodshop 101 for Kids", is unlike any other woodworking for kids book on the market.

    To begin with, it's written as a woodworking curriculum for your kids, not just another project book. Each lesson is laid out step by step for easy understanding. You see, most woodworking for kids books are written for the parents. They don't explain tasks in a way that kids can understand. What happens then is the parents end up building the projects instead of the kids. With over a decade of experience building hand crafted furniture and many years teaching kids woodworking, I've learned what kids need in order to learn woodworking.


     Woodworking Can Provide Your Kids With A Long Lasting Sense of Accomplishment

    But only if learning is enjoyable. Woodshop 101 for Kids takes care of that by providing...

    • Fun projects that kids will want to build.


    • Projects begin easy to build confidence but progressively become more challenging to keep kid's interest.


    • Every project has a "Things You Need" box so you'll know what to have on hand.


    • A cutlist is provided that tells exactly what size to cut each piece of wood.


    • All the head scratching has been done for you!


    • All you and your kids have to do is follow along, it's that simple!





    "Right from the start I was impressed with how user-friendly Woodshop 101 is for experienced and novice woodworkers. What impressed me the most is the volume of pictures and illustrations.  I also love the fact that, unlike most books that teach woodworking, Woodshop 101 for Kids is based solely on using hand tools!"

    "More than just a set of instructions for building various projects, Craig has done a great job of incorporating math skills, foundational lessons on tools and safety.  Did I mention the pictures?!  Nearly every page has at least one picture, often featuring the author's kids completing the tasks as outlined in the lessons.  This is truly a basic woodworking course and assumes no prior knowledge." 

    "Woodshop 101 for Kids is a well-written, easy to use woodworking course that is perfect for homeschool families.  Many dads express their desire to be more involved in the actual instruction in their homeschool - Woodshop 101 gives them a great opportunity.  If you have a child who is even remotely interested in woodworking or making things with their hands, THIS is the book for you!"

    Value for your homeschool dollar:  10

    -Cindy Prechtel, Ft. Meyers, FL



    In Woodshop 101 for Kids Your Kids Will Learn...


    • 21 woodworking lessons that teach the basics of woodworking.


    • A simple way to read a tape measure.


    • How to swing a hammer correctly so nails aren't bent and fingers don't get smashed!


    • How to saw a straight line (most adults can't do this!).


    • How to use a hand drill properly. One of the coolest tools you'll use!


    • How to set up and use a block plane correctly (there are professionals who don't get this right).


    • How to finish your projects so they'll last a lifetime (wouldn't it be great to still have your kid's projects around to show their kids years later?)


    • Why math is so important when doing woodworking. Kids learn real world applications of fractions, geometry, etc.


    • Science- Basic laws of physics: Force, friction, and Inertia.


    • And last but not least, your kids will learn valuable life skills they will keep with them for the rest of their lives!


    Improve Academics For Your Children

    A study found that of students who spend almost half of their instructional time on hands-on projects (48%) scored a whopping 83 out of 100 on knowledge application tasks compared to only 75 when less time was devoted (11.8%)*.

    *Academics Value of Hands-on Craft Projects in Elementary Schools.



    Your Child's Safety Is Our Biggest Concern

    You only need simple hand tools to build every project in the book. This is much SAFER than using power tools and allows younger kids to get involved. Using only hand tools has another HUGE advantage: You won't have to go out and spend a bunch of money on tools. You'll already own most of the tools you'll need!


    "Woodshop 101 for Kids has provided our family with engaging, detailed instructions and projects that teach the time-honored discipline of woodworking." I really appreciated the simple-to-understand definitions in the 3-D grey blocks.

    - Frank, TN


    "We agree with what you stated in the introduction to "Woodshop 101", saying it is a God given desire to create. That there is great satisfaction in creating tangible things."

    "We wanted to find creative alternatives to video games for our 16 yr. old son, and the "Woodshop" curriculum has served as a "launching pad" for those alternatives."

    "Thank you for a great book."

    - Al and Kathi Haats, AZ



    Here Are The Projects You Can Build

    • Peg Game (easy to play, tough to beat!)
    • Crosscut Box (a jig to help crosscut a board square)
    • Birdhouse (with information on how to customize yours to attract different species)
    • Toolbox/Art Caddy (customize yours to hold tools or art supplies)
    • Baseball Rack (holds a baseball, bat, and glove)
    • Pencil Holder (rotates on the base)
    • Battleship (built from scrap pieces of wood)
    • Media Storage Rack (small in size but will hold 75 DVDs or games)
    • Step Stool (sturdy, and strong to safely get to that hard to reach item)
    • Two for One Birdfeeder (will hold seed and suet to attract more species)
    • Workbench (along with information on how to customize it to the height of your child)
    • Doll Cradle (for that special doll, or for you guys out there, a great gift to show off your woodworking ability)
    • Marshmallow Catapult (our most popular project!)
    • Planter Box (made from water resistant wood to last for years outdoors)

    (Click on a picture below to enlarge)


    "We love your Woodshop 101 for Kids e-book!  It is now a permanent part of our homeschool program. Thanks for writing it!"

    - Kristin, TN

    a homeschooling mother of 4


    This is no tiny 50-page book that just has one or two pictures of each project.  There are 188 pages with over 280 pictures throughout the book. 

    Children are very visual and that's why we didn't skimp on pictures.  All the pictures help to reinforce the text.  There are also many graphs, illustrations and definition blocks that will help avoid any confusion about what the lesson is teaching.


    Who's Using Woodshop 101 For Kids?

    • Moms, Dads, grandparents-To have fun and learn valuable skills at the same time.
    • Homeschool parents- Incorporating our woodworking curriculum as part of their kids education.
    • Boy Scout Troops- As a way to earn merit badges.
    • Groups of Parents- Getting together to start a woodworking co-op for kids.  One set of parents teach a lesson to the group one week and another set of parents teach the next lesson the following week, and so on.

    "I really enjoy (Woodshop 101 for Kids). I would have struggled to teach my son woodworking because of my lack of experience. But with the help of your book we're having a great time learning together. My son has developed a real interest in woodworking and Woodshop 101 for Kids has been a big part of that."

    - Sam Bruner

    My No-Hassle 90 Day 100%

    Money-Back Guarantee




    If you're unhappy with Woodshop 101 for Kids for any reason at all, simply email me within 90 days for a full and courteous refund.  That's all there is to it, and it's that easy.



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     Woodshop 101 for Kids is available in two formats: A printed softcover version or A fast and easy download version.

    You Get To Choose!


    Features of the printed softcover version ...

    • Binding is strong and durable.
    • Easy to read large print.
    • Front and back covers have thin lamination to protect against spills and stray glue.
    • We ship all books priorty mail so you get it FAST!

    Features of the downloadable e-book format...

    • It costs you less because we don't have to print it and there are no shipping charges!
    • You get it INSTANTLY.  As soon as your payment is processed your instructions on how to download your book will be email to you!
    • You can save your book in many different ways:  Keep it on your computers hard-drive, burn a copy onto a disk, print off the whole book, or any combination of the above!
    • You can print off copies of different projects to do with different kids in your family.  This is especially useful if you have older and younger kids working together on projects!  (Please do not share your copy with others outside your immediate family)
    • You won't have to worry about the whole book "wearing-out" after repeated use in the shop.  Just print off the section you're going to work on that day.  You can always have fresh copies anytime you like!

    With Every Order You'll Also Receive ALL These Great BONUSES FREE As Our Special "Thank You" 



    BONUS #1

    Access to the author to answer any questions that might come up!

    • Have a question about the right tool for your child?
    • Have a question about which wood to use?
    • Have a question about one of the projects?
    • Have a question about finishing your project?
    • I'll answer any question you have about woodworking with your kids!

    How many books do you own that let you do that? I'll send you a private email address that's only available to owners of Woodshop 101 for Kids. With this email address you can send me any question you have about woodworking with your kids!

    Retail Value: Priceless!



    BONUS #2

    Knots, Splices, and Rope Work

    A 66-page book on everything you've always wanted to know about knots. Yours FREE!

    • Beautifully illustrated with examples of how to tie dozens of different knots.
    • Compete directions for making all the most useful and ornamental knots in common use.
    • Great for Boy Scouts!
    • Comes as an instant download, straight to your computer. No waiting!

    This book will keep your kids occupied for hours!

    Retail value: $9.95



    BONUS #3

    24 Articles Packed Full Of Great Ideas

    • Ideas for seasonal crafts to do with your kids.
    • Ideas for special occasions crafts.
    • Ideas for collecting items as a hobby.
    • Ideas for outdoor sports to do as a family.
    • Ideas for vacation activities.
    • Instant download straight to your computer!
    • .....and much, much more!

    These articles sell on the Internet for $17

    But they're yours FREE as our "Thank You"!



    Woodshop 101 for Kids


    YES!  I'd like my copy of Woodshop 101 for Kids

    along with all the FREE Bonuses

    • 188 page book with over 280 pictures.
    • 21 woodworking lessons that teach the basics of woodworking for your kids.
    • 14 Woodworking projects for kids to build that are designed to be fun and things that they'll really want to build.
    • Teach your kids all the basics of using hand tools.
    • Receive our special email address where you can ask all your questions about woodworking with your kids.
    • Free copy of Knots, Splices, and Rope Work.
    • 24 Free articles packed full of craft and hobby ideas to do with your kids.
    • Build a stronger relationship with your kids by making memories!



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