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August 08, 2008

Interview with Adam Cherubini

I had a lot of fun interviewing Adam. He's hilarious and extremely insightful about his craft. He wears many different hats: Period furniture maker, Contributing Editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine, writes on two different blogs, volunteers at Pennsbury Manor, and has a day "job" outside of woodworking.

Adam opens up about a variety of topics. He talks about being product oriented vs. process oriented when it comes to furniture making. There may be many more woodworkers who feel that way than we think (I'm one). Adam also explains why he chooses to build period furniture completely with hand tools (his reasons will probably surprise you!). We also get into a discussion on how the museum community is influencing the future of reproduction furniture making.

Our talk gets into how our forefathers had advantages over us when it came to the availability of different kinds of hand tools and what 18 century woodworkers lacked compared to what we have. Adam talks about how the hand tool market is lagging behind for cabinet makers vs. specialty woodworkers (such as chair makers), reasons why, and what he's doing about it

I also have to brag a little bit on Adam, he was recently selected by Early American Life magazine for its prestigious "Directory of Traditional American Crafts", in which a panel of judges (comprised of museum curators, dealers and other experts) reviews submissions and selects only the best. It's an honor bestowed upon only a handful of craftspeople each year.

Check out the interview and also hear Adam talk about the classes he will be teaching at this year's Woodworking in America Conference being held in Berea, KY.

To learn more about Adam, visit his two blogs:

Arts and Mysteries Blog
This is the blog that Adam writes that compliments his column in Popular Woodworking Magazine by the same name.

This is Adam's personal website where people can commission him to build period reproductions and purchase his hand tools.

And be sure to read Adam's column, Arts and Mysteries, in each issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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